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Our Trooper Saddles

the elements we incorporate into every saddle

Tree: Webbing forms the foundation for the seat with leather tabs laced through the front arch. Care is taken in fitting this properly to prevent the seat from collapsing on the side bars. Adjustable balance strap ensures a proper fit on the cinch. Side bars are built from white ash made with extra twist so they fit properly on the horse's back.

Front and Back Arches: Made from heavy bronze alloy to prevent rusting and bending from rider's weight. Bronze alloy eliminates leather from rotting, which occurred with the original steel type arches.

Side Bars: Contoured to fit the horse's back constructed from white ash because it resists cracking and breaking.

Leather: Made with premium bridle leather.

Finish: All edges inked and polished with a top quality finish.

New Saddle Picture.jpg

Padded Seat: preformed with a 11/4" high density foam and covered with a premium 3-4oz. upholstery leather.

Slick Seat: preformed using heavy firm 12/13 Oz. Premium Bridle Leather.

Panels: 3/4" black felt


Hardware: Brass or Stainless Steel


Stirrup Leathers: 11/4" wide using 12-13oz leather and cut from the "BEND" of the hide, which is the strongest and most durable part of  the hide. 11/4" buckles.

Fenders: doubled and stitched with slide through slot with leathers

Stirrup: ( see stirrup options )

Rigging: English or Western ( both styles are adjustable )

( Weight is approximately 22 lbs; however, will vary dependent on configuration ( ie. larger stirrups )

*** Saddle with lite weight panels and slick seat 16lbs.***

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