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History of the Trooper Saddle

History Saddle.jpg

As years passed, slight modifications were made to improve the style and comfort of the saddle. Shorter yet wider white ash side bars, a reduced cantle and longer lower seats were all major improvements in the saddle's design.

This style was originally designed in the early 1800's when the army mounted divisions were plagued with their trooper's horses being out of action because of sore backs. The earliest models of the Trooper Saddle addressed the problem of weight distribution with the implementation of several elements.

  • Side Bars: contoured to the horses back, removed direct weight from kidneys and were structured not to restrict any movement of the withers.

  • Front/Back Arches: steel arches and support webbing prevented pressure on the animals spine and evenly distributed weight across the back.

  • Dished Seat: kept the rider in an upright balanced position.

Original Saddle.jpg
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