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Who we are

Jack Haggis Saddlery has been producing custom saddles for both gaited and non gaited horses for over 40 years.  With years of experience as "field trialers" and horseback riders, Jeff, Karen, and their staff know precisely what features to build into each saddle that will provide comfort for both horse & rider, durability, and craftsmanship.

What we ensure with every saddle...

  • The finest materials are used to give a first-class finished look to each saddle and all accessories.​​

  • The entire staff is trained to maintain the highest standard when manufacturing saddles, parts, and accessories. Pride is taken in the ability to produce the best quality product in the shortest amount of time.

Meet the Owners

Jeff & Karen Haggis

Haggis Saddles Fade.png

Jack Haggis founded 

Haggis Saddles back in the



Our Story


Jack had purchased a couple Original UP Trooper Saddles for himself to use in Field Trials and when he couldn’t find anyone local to repair them he decided to try himself. Jack was a Journeyman Plumber by trade and was mechanically minded so naturally things progressed well. It wasn't long after people saw this and hired him to rebuild saddles for them.


As time went on saddlery became a real passion for him and he decided to start making his own version of these great saddles. Endless hours of research, work, and time went into making sure that the design of the Haggis Trooper Saddle was as close to the original design as possible.

This is something that is still adhered to today. Some changes have been made over the years to accommodate both the modern rider and horse needs. The business started to grow with great customer service and the addition of a full line of related Quality tack items.


Both Jeff Haggis and his wife Karen started working with Jack learning the craft and helping out with production. Jeff and Karen eventually took over the business in 1999 when Jack’s health wouldn’t allow him to continue. The business was relocated to Jeff and Karen’s residence where it still operates today.

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