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Rode yesterday for an hour to try the fit, so today we rode for 3 1/2 hrs and it fits Rocky and me. The first hill we went down I knew it fit. I really appreciate the excellent service we wouldn't have got this type of service from any other saddle maker. Thanks again.

- T Beauchemin

Thank you Jeff! I really enjoyed my saddle last week at the field trials. Super comfy and I got a lot of compliments. Thanks again!

-L Jo Yock

Thank you very much

for your time and work. It looks great and

I value that saddle very much.

( it is hard to put into words how

much a good saddle means to me )

- J Gilbertson

My husband has ridden in his new saddle about 6 times now. Every saddle in the past has put direct pressure on the spine due to the way he has to sit after his knee replacement. Now, his horse is like a new horse, gaiting like she is happy, where last year she was starting to buck and kick at him when he saddled her. The saddle does not put pressure on her spine damage from last season, allowing it to heal. His knees feel great in the flexible fenders and his lower back is more comfortable in the suspended seat. It has changed our life, as we trail ride many miles at a time. Thank you for making a quality product!

-  K. Case

Received the saddle yesterday. MOST BEAUTIFUL SADDLE EVERand I have many saddles ).

Love it. Thanks!

-L Sottile

These saddles are simply amazing. My husband was a sworn western saddle only until I got my 1st Haggis! He has now taken it over & I had to get another one, or two, or three!!!!!! Love the closed stirrups - very safe on technical trails. Feel better with my mom (72 yrs young & still riding her Rocky's in a Haggis!!) & my husband riding in this very saddle! Haggis Saddles keep up the AWESOME craft! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

-  L Choate

Good Evening, just wanted to let you know that I love your saddle! Mac, my horse, moves beautifully. The Haggis trooper saddle really allows full shoulder movement for the gaited horse. Of course, the padded seat makes it very comfortable for me. Also, he looks so smart with his matching bridle. Thank you for your help, 

-  W Gillund

Package arrived last week and all

was in order. Managed to get both saddles back into safe riding shape this afternoon. Many thanks for your efforts and the workmanship is wonderful. Keep it up. If we need more stuff we will give you a shout.

-  D. Clarke

Jeff: I just purchased one of your barely used saddles from a woman where I live. I had been searching and searching for a saddle to fit my Missouri Fox Trotter! He is straight backed and a bit slab sided and my saddle fitter was unhappy with everything I presented to her to try. I found one of your saddles and decided to try it - boy am I glad I did! It fits, my MFT performs like never before, I am super comfortable and I love how everyone wants to know about the saddle with its unique look. I will recommend your saddles to everyone and thank you for making such a great saddle that won't hurt my beloved boy!

-  J Ghioldi

Jeff: I received my saddle yesterday. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship. I tried the saddle today and I have only one word to say, AWESOME! It was a great ride. Very comfortable! I think my little Rocky Mountain really liked it too because she worked better under it. When I took the saddle off the sweat marks were uniform all over her back where the pad was and I didn't notice any pressure marks or dry spots. Thanks again for such a wonderful job you did on my saddle. I really love it.


-  Janet

I got my Delux Haggis Trooper Saddle custom made from Jeff Haggis a year ago as a big surprise Christmas gift from my partner and his mom. I feel bad to send my thanks and testimonial this delayed but better late than never! Jeff has patience, is easy to communicate with , and amazing how he made a saddle so perfectly shaped to my horse and how personalized I felt this saddle  is! I was so anxious for it to be completed! This past year I was able to put it to the test ! By far ,I absolutely love every moment in this saddle. The workmanship is absolutely more than what I anticipated! It is so unique, it certainly turns heads! My horse even rides better, I never thought how much of a difference a saddle could make with performance on trails even. I've always rode western, in a basic Wintec saddle,so at first I admit it took some getting used to this saddle as I felt so high up! But after some time I worked it in,as if it's molded to me and my mare (noticed this after about 10hrs in the saddle) and it's absolutely perfect and comfortable! That's how it works so I wasn't all that alarmed. Also purchased a matching halter bridle, split reins, breastplate with a tie down , deluxe saddle bags and bottle holder all made by Jeff and it is very classy , durable and top quality! Worth every penny! I ride all year round outdoors rain or shine and this saddle is easy to clean and looks great gives character with some "abuse" ( the first few scratch and marks made me cringe though! ). The seat is so plush and can ride for hours in it!


The stirrups are perfect size I can fit a pair of Mukluk boots in them for cold winter days.  

I've rode up & down steep hills, water crossings, galloping across fields, and not once has this saddle faultered ,no slip ,no slide just soo perfectly snug! I truly have only praise for this saddle , bridle & all accessories made by the Haggis family. This saddle will remain with me and be passed down to my family in the future. Also one last thing to add, I've had my quarter horse mare ,Cinnamon, in my life for 16years, and this is truly the best she's performed on the trails, I think she too would like to say thank you!! :) 

-  Happy Trails! 

   Laura. Ontario, Canada 

Thank you so much

for the follow-up. That level of customer service is unfortunately almost unheard of in this day and time. I will certainly recommend your company and look to Haggis Saddlery for my future saddlery and tack needs. 

- Todd Fretwell

Hi Jeff,


It's here! and it's beautiful! We're in the midst of a crazy windy day, so it may be tomorrow before I try it out. Will send you a picture. Bud can't get over how you got so much craftsmanship in such a lightweight package... he's very tempted! I'll work on him :)


Thanks so much, I'm very happy! Best to you and Karen,

-  Patty and Bud

It’s the third saddle I’ve bought from you, you folks are the best, no kidding thank you.

-  Norman Mayne

I opened my saddle today. It is so beautiful!

-  J. D. Hinson Company


The saddle is so handsome on Wolfie & not too heavy at all! I rode it yesterday & it seemed to fit fine. It will get better & better as we use it more. Thanks for everything.

-  Lyn

Hello Jeff & Kevin,


I wanted to let you know the Trooper saddle arrived yesterday and it is beautiful!! I am very happy I ordered the standard fenders with the saddle — I think I will really appreciate them when riding. Everything about the saddle is very nice!! Thank you again for such a beautiful saddle.

-  Meg Leidinger

Prescott, Arizona

Love my new saddle. It fits him perfectly and it is like riding in a leather recliner!!! Thank you!

-  Pam Atwell

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