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Customer Testimonials ...

I love the saddle. It is so comfortable and beautiful craftsmanship.... T Brown

Thank you! Just did 5, long mile days, riding in CO mountains and it was great. Both Choco and I were comfortable whether gaiting or technical climbing. Not much to adjust to...and even exposed buckle on leathers didn't chaff my bare legs when I rode in shorts. Their position was perfect.... D Breazzano

Rode yesterday for an hour to try the fit, so today we rode for 3 1/2 hrs and it fits Rocky and me. The first hill we went down I new it fit. I really appreciate the excelent service we wouldn't have got this type of service from any other saddle maker.
Thanks again... T Beauchemin

Just received my saddle pouch - it is beautiful!... D St. Hilaire

Thank you Jeff! I really enjoyed my saddle last week at the field trials. Super comfy and I got a lot of compliments. Thanks again!... L Jo Yock

Got everything today and it took me 2 hrs to put it on. Man it looks great thank you thank u!!! Can't wait to saddle up and
ride... J Makowski Jr.

Received the saddle yesterday. MOST BEAUTIFUL SADDLE EVER (and I have many saddles). Love it. Thanks!..L Sottile

I took delivery to the saddle today and am very happy with everything...T Miller

Haggis Trooper Saddles Haggis Trooper Saddle Custom Seat

I received my saddle today and it looks great! ...C Hammond

Thank You Very Much for Your Time and Work It Looks Great…. And I Value That Saddle Very Much (It is hard to put into words how much a good saddle Means)..J Gilbertson

Hey jeff just wanted to let you know I'm in love with the saddle! Very well crafted!:) couldn't be more happy! Here's a photo of jack and I! Thanks so much! Couldn't be happier!....T Plummer

Haggis Trooper Saddles Haggis Trooper Saddle Custom Seat

These saddles are simply amazing. My husband was a sworn western saddle only until I got my 1st Haggis! He has now taken it over & I had to get another one, or two, or three!!!!!! Love the closed stirrups - very safe on technical trails. Feel better with my mom (72 yrs young & still riding her Rocky's in a Haggis!!) & my husband riding in this very saddle! Haggis Saddles keep up the AWESOME craft! I LOVE YOU!!!!! ...L Choate

Love it! More importantly, so does my horse! Had a Haggis saddle for over 17 years for my TWH. Kept it in good condition. He passed away, sadly, at almost 20. this saddle did not fit my new horse, but it is happily being used in Texas! I ordered one of these for my Rocky. Perfect fit!!...S Howe Phillips

Good Evening, Just wanted to let you know that I love your saddle! Mac, my horse, moves beautifully. The Haggis trooper saddle really allows full shoulder movement for the gaited horse. Of course, the padded seat makes it very comfortable for me. Also, he looks so smart with his matching bridle. Thank you for your help, W Gillund

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Just wanted to tell you how extremely happy I am with my saddle! Got this last year in may and I truly love it! I have ridden in every saddle and none have come close to the comfort of this one! I love it!! Thanks again! Deb and Rhett!!!

Thank you so much for working with me on the custom work for this new saddle!  I've had the saddle for two months now, and it's really working out great!  The suede overlay on the slick seat is just what I needed for the mountainous trail riding that we do here in The Ozarks.  The Rocky Mountain Tree fits my Fox Trotters really nicely, with no dry spots around the withers after hard riding.  Field Trial season is just around the corner, and I'm looking forward to putting some big miles on the saddle this fall.  It's a beautiful piece of functional art.  A quality saddle that I'm proud to own.  Thank you again!....M Taylor

Haggis Trooper Saddles Haggis Trooper Saddle Custom Seat


My husband has ridden in his new saddle about 6 times now. Every saddle in the past has put direct pressure on the spine due to the way he has to sit after his knee replacement. Now, his horse is like a new horse, gaiting like she is happy, where last year she was starting to buck and kick at him when he saddled her. The saddle does not put pressure on her spine damage from last season, allowing it to heal. His knees feel great in the flexible fenders and his lower back is more comfortable in the suspended seat. It has changed our life, as we trail ride many miles at a time. Thank you for making a quality product!......K. Case

This look about right? This is the first time for him wearing this weight and quality. He seem to take it well...and he looks pretty handsome. Thanks again! A very satisfied customer! ... Chuck

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Package arrived last week and all was in order.  Managed to get both saddles back into safe riding shape this afternoon.  Many thanks for your efforts and the workmanship is wonderful.  Keep it up.  If we need more stuff, we will give you a shout.  Great Service! .... D. Clarke

Jeff-Thank you so much!!! I never dreamed a saddle could be so comfortable!!!! I think my mare loves it too!!!! Wow it exceeded my expectations!!!!!!! Not only comfortable but gorgeous!!!! Thank you again!!! .....Susan

Jeff, received saddle yesterday 10/29/12. It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for expediting it. Now I can ride this weekend!! This is craftsmanship at its finest. Thank you, ....L Leblanc

Jeff: I just purchased one of your barely used saddles from a woman where I live. I had been searching and searching for a saddle to fit my Missouri Fox Trotter! He is straight backed and a bit slab sided and my saddle fitter was unhappy with everything I presented to her to try. I found one of your saddles and decided to try it - boy am I glad I did! It fits, my MFT performs like never before, I am super comfortable and I love how everyone wants to know about the saddle with its unique look. I will recommend your saddles to everyone and thank you for making such a great saddle that won't hurt my beloved boy! .... J Ghioldi

Hi Jeff, My apologies for sending this thank you note so late. The saddle arrived and fits my TW like a glove. Wonderful attention to detail; it has certainly caused a little buzz in the barn. Thank you so very much....D. St. Hilaire

Hi Jeff: I received my saddle order yesterday. Everything looks great. We had our first ride tonight and I have to say I have never felt so comfortable in a saddle. I thin I am riding my lazy boy, not a horse. Thanks for the great work.... J Jackman

Jeff: I received the saddle today and I am really excited! The craftsmanship is amazing and the leather is really nice. I can't wait to try it on her this weekend! Thanks again, ..... Brittney

Good Day Jeff: I received the saddle yesterday, I can only say WOW! It is truly a masterpiece. Thanks so much for all of the details. My uncle and I talked last night through the internet and I was able to show it to hi, and he just loved it... I will email you pictures as soon as the saddle makes it to Costa Rica .... Thank you again, Fernando

Jeff: Thank kyou very much for the saddle ... I received it last Tuesday, but was unable to use it until a couple of hours ago ... it's great! I am looking forward to having a great summer with this saddle ... perhaps my best in a very long time! Excellent materials! The whole thing is simply the best, very sturdy and practical. Thanks very much ..... J West

Jeff: I received my saddle yesterday. I am very pleased with the craftmanship. I tried the saddle today and I have only one word to say, AWESOME! It was a great ride. Very comfortable! I think my little Rocky Mountain really liked it too because she worked better under it. When I took the saddle off the sweat marks were uniform all over her back where the pad was and I didn't notice any pressure marks or dry spots. Thanks again for such a wonderful job you did on my saddle. I really love it. Sincerely, .......Janet

I usually don’t take the time to write comments like this for products that I have bought; however, I am making an exception for this purchase due to the outstanding product and service I have received.

Before finding Jeff and his Trooper saddles, I was at a loss and I did not know what to do. I even took my horses with me to a local tack store, and 14 saddles later, I still did not find a good fit. I became very frustrated and discouraged but I did not give up. I talked to a lot of people and I read all the possible reviews I could find on the net about saddles. After many hours of reading, searching and so on, I finally decided to call Jeff. He took the time to answer all my questions and I decided to order a trooper saddle from Haggis.

At first when I tried it, due to my difficulty in finding the proper saddle I was not sure and it took me a couple of times of riding with it to finally feel that this was it. My horse was happy, he started gaiting with ease and I felt secure. I found the perfect fit for my horses and now I own 3 Haggis Trooper saddles for my Rockies. My only regret is that these saddles were not my first saddle purchases. I would have saved a lot of time, money, and frustration.

One more thing I have to say, I was not the easiest customer to deal with. I changed my mind often about the colours or about other details/options. Jeff was extremely patient with me and was very accommodating to all my requests. That is also another reason I decided to write a review on not just the products but his service.

If you are looking to buy a saddle that will be a sure fit for your horse, talk to Jeff. You will save time, money and a lot of frustration. Thank you Jeff..... Nathalie, Odessa, ON

Hello Jeff, The  saddle is great. All my friends have asked about it.  A friend which is a veterinarian  and runs the horse hospital at a university even took pictures to show them in a conference. ... Andres Volio

Hi! I got my saddle today & it's so beautiful! It fits me and my very short coupled Rocky very nicely. I even got some speed from him that I never could before. Thanks for such an awesome product! ... J. Wright

Jeff: Its form and function made right. What a great saddle. I have had it on 3 horses and its awesome. I am saving for a shotgun scabbard and cavalry bags. Thanks for the great workmanship! ....John Dean

Jeff, I got the scabbard you created.  It is nothing short of amazing!  The fit and finish are that of an artisan.  The lining is very high caliber and I wouldn’t hesitate to put the finest double-gun in it.  The style, craftsmanship and handsome stitching really sets this scabbard apart.  It looks more like it belongs in the window of a boutique on Rodeo Drive than on a saddle. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!! Sincerely, ....Ugo

I just placed an order for the halter/bridle. I had one before and I loved it but I needed to add more length to the chin strap. Could you please make the strap under the chin a couple inches longer. I love my saddle. It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever had. My halter/bridle broke several months ago and I really miss it. It was convenient on rides and so easy to use. Thank you very much, .......Charlotte

Hi Jeff: We had a clinic at our barn this weekend & folks really liked your saddle.  My trainer, Susan Brown, has a newer model, and I was using her 18+ yr-old saddle on my mare, that I bought from her to use while my girl is growing (she's just turned 4).  Folks were impressed with how well the saddles held up with "age."   I let everyone know your website info, so here's hoping you see some orders for IL soon :-) Thanks..... Dawn!

Hi Mr. Haggis

Oh My god a work of  perfection.. Well my saddle is just perfect. I am riding in a Cadillac. Everything about it is perfect.. the stirrups are even comfortable. My leg position is perfect. My lower back always hurt in my good western saddle; it is not sore anymore, nor are my knees. I feel extremely secure in it as well.. the horse also walks out faster. I will get a picture of him in it soon. He looks sharp in it as well. Is there any maintenance I need to do.. screws bolts etc.. leather..

I will never waste money on any other kind of saddle again but a Haggis which is truly not a waste of money. Worth every penny and then some. Thank you so much....... Miriam Copoc

I have to tell you, I own three Haggis saddles. Use them all for field trialing. I bought my first one (my favorite that I still use 90 percent of the time) probably 25-ish years ago from your dad. It's got the neon yellow felt on it. (Always wondered why he picked that color ;-)  All three have fit every horse I've ever owned, they wear like iron, and are totally comfortable enough to sit in all day. I love them. Thanks for making such an amazing product. :-)........ Janice

Jeff: Just want to tell you, Charger and I both LOVE our Trooper! Thanks so much for the great quality and customer service!..Sincerely, Ginger Stricklin

Jeff: I wanted to thank you for the very nice saddle.  It looks great and fits GiGi too.   I was hoping to get a chance to ride before writing you but the weather and my work schedule have not been cooperating.  I did manage to get GiGi out for a short ride a couple days after your saddle arrived.  Needless to say, with the weather we have had this winter, it was the first time I have ridden GiGi this year.  The day was warm the horses spirited and I chose to use a snaffle bit.  Let’s just say if I had any reservations about the security of your saddles I am now quite confident in their seat.  Hindsight…  we may go back to a curb bit for a month or two.   BAD!!!  GIRL!!! Best regards and thank you again for a beautiful saddle, .........Matt

Haggis trooper saddle deluxe testimonialHello Jeff and Karen..
   Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate, enjoy and respect your work. The quality of leather, and painstaking detail you put into your stitching is unsurpassed. The deluxe trooper I purchased from you has been a constant sense of enjoyment and comfort for both me and my TWH mare [pictured]. My saddle experience as cost me literally thousands of dollars and years of searching, experiments, mistakes made, etc..  Trusting you, and your multi-generation experience as been wonderful. Also, your patience in my minor changes and last minute orders went above and beyond. Every item purchased from you has exceeded my expectations from the picture and description.

    My advice to anyone who will listen is that if they've got a horse that they plan to keep they need to treat themselves and that horse to a Haggis Trooper and how ever many accessories you will use. Just ride one after you've rode the rest, and are ready for the best. Best wishes you two and thanks once again. Best wishes.

Respectfully, Andy 

Hello Haggis Saddlery

I finally got to ride the trooper you built on the rockey mountain frame for my fat little singlefooter mare and it is just grand. We rode for 10 days, averaging 3 hours per day, in +/- 70 degree weather, up and down hills on the trails and down the road. I used only the pad I bought from you, a light-weight martingale, a neoprene girth and carried a cantle snugpak with a poncho tied on top and a water bottle / fly spray container off the right side of the pommel. My horse had a uniformly wet back and not a single warm or puffy spot anywhere on her, after each ride. This is a first for me with this mare. Nothing has worked on her without some problem developing at some point. I am more pleased than you can imagine that finally, my mare can end a ride in comfort.

In addition to the excellent fit for the horse, the saddle also fit me very well. I did not have to dismount even once to walk and ease my knee pain and stiffness. And I was quite surprised to find that my old broken tail bone was quiet, too. And as you told me, with each ride, the seat seemed to increase in comfort as it molded to my shape.  My riding position was  very centered and it was a treat to look down and see those powerful shoulders working out in front of the tree. Both those features resulted in the best movement and gait this little mare has given to date.

I was a bit concerned that I would feel insecure in the trooper. While it does not offer the security of my endurance saddle or a western model, I was able to go up and down hills without particular concern. The one time the mare tripped and went to her knees, the only change in my position was to lean back until she was able to pop back up. And it was quite a surprise when I found I could mount from a fairly small rise on the ground without the saddle shifting significantly -- no stump hunting was required.

For myself, there are just 2 things I would change about the saddle. I would like a hand-hold in front to make it easier to pick it up and a more secure attachment for the crupper D. I did not use the crupper as it is attached only to the saddle leather and not the frame. For a hand-hold,  I tied on a looped strap of leather.

I have bragged this saddle up to every horse person I meet. I’m sold on the Haggis Trooper, for sure, and think everyone should have one. Thank you so much.................Helen Meier, Rosebush, MI


Greetings Jeff!  I have had my saddle for approximately 6 months and I love it!  Most important my Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Stoli loves it!  The craftsmanship is outstanding and the comfortunbelievable.  Many of my friends and my trainer at the barn have tried it out as well and cannot beleive how comfortable it is to ride.  It is a perfect fit for my gaited horse. I thank you very much for making my horse and I comfortable when riding.  Keep up the great work! 

Sincerely, Michael from Yardley, PA


Just wanted to say thanks so much for my beautiful saddle and halter bridle!

  I look forward to trying it out and telling people what great work you do. Thanks again for having it done for me so fast, I really appreciate it. I've had alot of people already asking me about it so hopefully you'll continue to make these in the future.

Jen my friend who came to you shop that day is coming up to see me in a couple of weeks. She's quite excited that the saddle is done and can't wait to see it......D W

Dear Jeff,........got the saddle last week, but couldn't ride until Sunday. Went out for trail ride; it was fantastic, ......SO comfortable, horse loved it too. Thanks so much - it is such a quality piece of work. Cheers. Val asked about sheep skin covers. .Thanks again. ......P. Easterbrook, StoneRidge Farm.

Rode last night, saddle is the most comfortable I have ever sat in. It looks as good as it rides. Thanks for all your help, and answering all my questions. I will be telling all my buddies how good this thing feels, and how good the service was. Thanks again. Hope to meet you someday......Grayson 

Here's how I came to own a Haggis Trooper Saddle: Years ago as a judge for dog trials I would usually be supplied with a horse to use  for a 10-12 hour day or two in the saddle. Since I didn't own horses, the 5 or 6 times a year I judged was the only time I rode. Boy, would I get sore with so-so horses, beat up, ill fitting tack,etc.; BUT, a few times I drew a gaited horse and twice I used a Trooper Saddle. Those were pleasurable long days on borrowed horses and gear.

Well, I don't judge or run dogs anymore but, my wife and I have got into horses - Fjords for pleasure and show driving, and Tennessee Walkers for pleasure and show riding. Jealous of my wife's walker and wanting to do extensive trail riding, I got my own  this past November and immediately set about looking for one of those comfortable Trooper saddles I remembered - which very few people around here had seen or knew about. I looked on the internet and found two makers myself and was led to a third (Haggis) by a friend who is one of the best dog trainers, trialers in the country.

My friend has five trial horses - all gaited and uses Haggis saddles and has done so for many years. As he travels thoughout the country interacting with a large number of trainers and trialers, he pointed out that the most popular and reliable saddle with that group was Haggis. I went to his place in Oct. and rode one of his horses with a ten year old Haggis saddle. That sold me - it was the ride I remembered from years past. I contacted Jeff and the picture you saw was the result. I have used the saddle three times since last week and it is absolutely everything I was looking for: quality, light weight, durability, fit, comfort and price. Dealing with Jeff was great.......R. Rosen

Jeff: The saddles showed up today . . . they look wonderful.  Great craftsmanship!! I'll be using them this evening. Thank you so much! ......L. Schulz

Got my saddle.... really pleased!!  Thanks!!!!......B. Miller

I've had my saddle for three months and have ridden it often. It is a pleasure, not only to ride but to look at as well. It is the most handsome of all the trooper saddles that I've seen. The workmanship is superb. The stitching on the fenders is impressive and something that no one else does. I had expected a good saddle, what I got was a great saddle. I have recommended it to a number of friends who are considering ordering. I'm saving my "allowance" money for a set of saddlebags. By the way, there is an online group www.militaryhorse.org/ that has several pages dedicated to the Universal Pattern saddle and equipment from the period of its origin. Several pages are still under construction, but they have diagrams and photographs of an 1890 Canadian service saddle. Thanks for the great ride,..............W. Carroll

I received my saddle last Friday, and have used it about 6 times.  I love it!  I like how it keeps the weight of the horses back, and its very comfortable.  I bought it for my RMH, but have used it twice on my Haflinger mare.  I bought a Tex-Tan Flex Tex Endurance for her several years ago, but either the saddle has broken down or her back has changed, but the saddle sits right on her back.  I will be using your saddle on both of them this year on all the Competitive Trail Rides, to see how they do.  My friend who is a leather maker is making tie downs with clips on them, so I can roll up my jacket or hand my easy boot from the saddle.   I also bought a girth made from the same material as the pad.  I was not sure of the size, that is why I did not buy it from you.   Thanks again, and will let you know how it works out..... K. Levasseur

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